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With the objective of guaranteeing the best quality of its offer, Arcor Group is self supplied with its main strategic raw material, among which, we can mention the packaging of its products. Through Cartocor and Converflex, Arcor manufactures corrugated and flexible cardboard packaging.


Cartocor is a company of Arcor Group which specializes in the manufacturing of corrugated cardboard packages. From its beginnings, Arcor took up a strong commitment with quality and vertical integration. Such actions led the company to venture in this business.

Cartocor was created in 1980 with the objective of satisfying the needs of the markets of cardboard packaging, laying special emphasis on the service to the client, permanent innovation, productivity, quality and preservation of the environment.

Today, Cartocor is consolidated as the greatest corrugated cardboard manufacturer in Argentina and one of the leaders in the region, with 6 productive units, in which 5 are based in Argentina and one in Chile. From its total production, only a 10% is provided for Arcor Group’s needs, while the other 90% is oriented to satisfy third party markets.


Converflex is an Arcor Group company specialized in the production of flexible packaging, a strategic raw material for Arcor, as it enables the development of the packaging of its products. This fact is of vital importance in the commercialization of food products, as, apart from containing, preserving and protecting de quality of its offer, it is a fundamental tool of communication.

With a background of over 40 years of existence, and 3 industrial plants located in Argentina, Converflex has positioned itself in the industry of the conversion of flexible packaging as leader in this country, as well as being an important referent in the region. It counts with an installed capacity of 12 thousand tons per year of flexible material conversion. Also, it manufactures its rotogravure cylinders, polyethylene extruded films and bio-plastic material.

Destacados 2013

Se certificaron nuevamente las normas ISO 14001 e ISO 9001 en las plantas de Luján, Arroyito y Paraná y OHSAS 18001 en la planta de Paraná.

Como otro hecho relevante, se instalaron 2 nuevos extrusores para la fabricación de films de polietileno y bioplásticos.