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La Campagnola S.A.C.I.

La Campagnola S.A.C.I.

A centennial and recognized food company in Argentina

In 2006, Arcor Group acquired a centennial and recognized Argentine food company, la Campagnola SACI, incorporating its traditional lines of fish, sauces and tomatoes, vegetables, fruits preserved meals, milk jam, marmalades, and dressings.
And also, new, unquestionable and highly valued by the consumers leading brands such as La Campagola, BC, Salsati and Nereida.
With the purchase of La Campagnola, Arcor Group acquired three new factories located in Choele- Choel (Rio Negro), Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires) and San Martin (Mendoza).

It manufactures:

Sauces, tomatoes, vegetables, fruits, fish, pulse preserved meals, marmalades, jellies, oils, juices, milk jam and dressings.