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Cartocor S.A.

Cartocor S.A.

The greatest manufacturer of corrugated cardboard in Argentina

Cartocor S.A. is an Arcor Group company that specializes in the manufacturing of corrugated cardboard packaging. Since its beginnings, Arcor Group took up a strong commitment in the quality and vertical integration that took the company to venture in this business.

Cartocor was created in 1980 with the objective of satisfying the needs of the markets of cardboard packaging, laying special emphasis on customer service, permanent innovation, productivity, quality and the preservation of the environment. Its productive activity began in 1981, with the opening of its plant in the city of Paraná, Entre Rios (Argentina). At the beginning, Cartocor, developed in the industrial and fruit and vegetables market, and in 1987,it started to participate actively in the region exporting its products directly. Its constant growth and the diversification of its products and markets led the company to keep an intense pace of investments.

Counting with six productive units, 5 of which are based in Argentina, and 1 in Chile, Cartocor, today is consolidated as the main manufacturer of corrugated cardboard in Argentina. From its total production, 10% meets the needs of Arcor Group, while the remaining 90% is oriented to meeting the needs of third parties (important companies all over the world).

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