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Ethical line

Ethical line

Ethical line

All along its history, Arcor has built a solid reputation. It is recognized for its economic, social and environmental compromise, and for searching the balance between its own activity and public diverse interests with which it links.

All along some years, Arcor has been implementing in a formal way a sustainability strategy in all its businesses. Sustainability for Arcor is to be coherent with its foundational values and with the history of the group, which have allowed us to build up our history of growth and success.

These values and principles are compiled in the Arcor Group Ethics and Conduct Code, which aims at orienting the behavior of our collaborators to guarantee its sustainability and the one of those to which it relates (value chain).

In this sense, and to facilitate the knowledge of irregular facts or which may imply any situation of non-compliance with the Ethics and Conduct Code of the company, there is a channel of confidential communication called “Ethical Line”. This line is for the use of all Arcor Group’s collaborators, suppliers and clients.

With total confidentiality and reservation Arcor Group receives, registers and analyzes the received cases which are dealt by the Ethics and Conduct Committee.

The current and enabled channels of communication are: