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Progressive alignment

Progressive alignment

Letter of support

Since 2005, Arcor Group develops diverse actions tending, not only to the consolidation of our own responsibility, but also to promote co-responsibility in the value chains in which we participate. With this purpose, we have defined de Decalogue of “Fundamental Principles for Sustainable Management”.

Co-packing procedure

This is a procedure for the evaluation, hiring, and follow-up of suppliers, which embraces quality, economic, environmental and social aspects, including issues related to human and children’s rights.
Nowadays, 100% of co-packing suppliers in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay have been included in this procedure, and we are going ahead with suppliers of Peru and Brazil.

Sustainability index and commercial quality

Arcor Group is working in the development of a Sustainability Index and Commercial Quality with the objective of monitoring the risk of these aspects in the supply process of the company.