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Sensitization and training

Sensitization and training

Sustainability messages

• Purchase Orders: You may find a message referring to sustainability at the end of the purchase orders delivered by Arcor Group.
• CUP web site: We have included messages referring to sustainability in the Unique Payment Center (CUP)
• Web site Cereals: Cereal web site: We have included messages referring to sustainability, updating it every six months.

Suppliers training:

Arcor Group’s sustainable strategy is key to the quality productive development through responsible management from the first bond of the productive chain. It embraces the selection, evaluation and development of suppliers with sustainable criteria, the sensitization and training in this issue, as well as the implementation of specific projects.

So as to continue with the involvement of suppliers with sustainability, we carried out a work plan to develop a commercial quality and sustainability index with the objective of monitoring these aspects in Arcor Group’s supply process.