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Arcor and sustainability

Arcor and sustainability

Growing with sustainable management

Over 60 years ago, the pioneers who founded Arcor considered that the company would develop together with the progress of society, promoting the creation of economic, social and environmental value.

Therefore, along the years, sustainability consolidated as the orienting axis of business practice, throughout a gradual and cross-sectional process to all its businesses and interest groups.

As of 2004, Arcor started to work so as to generate a common vision of CSR by promoting co-responsibility of the actors involved and by setting a management corporate system. During 2009, the Group had a new challenge, to pass through the concept of CSR to that of sustainability, by defining Arcor’s sustainability policy and devising the strategy and the plan for the next years with the objective of contributing with the competitiveness of the business throughout the development of innovative and sustainable practices in the value chain. As of 2013, a stage of great achievements and challenges started for the group, having advanced in the proposed aims for each of its three pillars in the Sustainability Strategy 2013/2015: sustainability in the strategy of the business, sustainability in the performance of people, and sustainability in the management system.

The commitment with sustainable development, ethics and transparency are shown in Mission, Vision, Values and Ethical Principles, the Ethics and Conduct Code, and Sustainability policy which guide Arcor’s acts all over the world.

Ethics and Conduct Code

The Ethics and Conduct Code of Arcor Group is made up by the Values, Ethical Principles and Conduct Norms which guide the acting of all the people that are part of the company.


Ethical Principles:

They set up an ethical and transparent framework for the construction of durable and trustworthy relations with groups of interest, promoting an integrity culture and of legal compliance for a sustainable and competitive commercial context:

Sustainability Policy

The Sustainability Policy establishes the general commitment of Arcor with sustainable development by taking up five specific commitments with the most relevant and prioritizing issues for the business: rational use of water, energetic efficiency and  minimization of the impacts that contribute to global climate change, rational use of packaging, active life, and healthy nutrition. As well as the respect and protection of human and labour rights.

For more information on our sustainability policy, enter de Sustentabilidad.pdf

Compromise with
sustainable development

  • Rational use of water.
  • Rational use of packaging.
  • Energy efficiency and minimization of the impacts that contribute to global climate change.
  • Active life and healthy nutrition.
  • Respect and protection of human and labour rights.